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Beartooth Bronsky (a non-de-web) is a long-time political and social activist, tracing his primary roots back to the Civil Rights, Peace, Trade Union, and Women’s Rights movements.

He was born several years after the end of WW II and studied Political Science and Computer Science, but has continued to study a wide variety of disciplines ever since – his wife calls him a “knowledge junkie.”

In his ‘other life,’ Beartooth has been a professional guitarist, news photographer for the New Left’s Liberation News Service, and, primarily, a consulting software designer and developer who has spent much of his career consulting on Wall Street and in other major corporate domains, giving him a front-row seat, so to speak, to observe the slow, but steady build-up of the sociopathic corporate plutarchy, which now just about fully owns the country and has displaced the people’s sovereignty with the sovereignty of the ‘soft fascism’ of the monied elite.

Beartooth’s other interests include playing improvisational acoustic guitar; open-source programming, reading extensively (in areas including cosmology, politics, evolutionary biology, religion and atheism, formal, informal, and mathematical logic, the neurology and psychology of the workings of the mind/brain – particularly as they relate to the processes of thought and reason, and why they so often fail [you will note some recommended reading in this area in the Resources section] – as well as trashy mysteries and sci-fi); ham radio (he is a communications first responder, and has contributed for 30 years to providing aid in natural and man-made disasters, including 9/11); road-course motorsports; mathematics; and puzzles of all sorts.  He has also had the good fortune, primarily thanks to consulting, to have been able to live abroad in Europe, Latin America and Asia, giving him an uncommon opportunity to view America through the lenses of other societies.

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