An unconventional view of politics – and just about everything else.

The Left Bank is intended to be a source of information, opinions, and discussion on politics and the myriad other topics that revolve around the “gravity well” of politics like moons around Jupiter.

As of now, it is only in the initial stages of design and construction.  Check back soon to see the full site.

The Left Bank represents solely the views of its owner and author, who goes by the nom-de-blog as Beartooth, and any guest blogger delegated by said owner. It is a privately owned site and has no connection to any public, commercial, or government institution.

The Left Bank is NOT a neutral site. It makes no pretense of being objective or “balanced.” If one were to place it on the standard political spectrum, it is, by intent, well out on the Left side of the line, but shifted 45 degrees from the normal two-dimensional continuum. You might consider it, to keep up the astronomical simile, somewhat out of the normal orbital plane around the sun, observing from an oblique angle.

Its goal is to attempt to examine everything afresh, striving for an unconventional and original point of view.

The left Bank is first of all, a Blog section, which will primarily address itself to current politically-related subjects, but will, at times, veer off in unpredictable directions according to the blogger’s consciousness. Registered members will be free to comment on all Blog posts (within the policies of the site – see the Ground Rules Section).

The IMHO Section is more of a collection of set pieces, a sort of “op-ed” collection that explores single subjects in greater depth. There will be no commenting facility on Opinions, but readers are free to email their comments and critiques, and, at the writer’s discretion, emails that add to the subject may be selected and included.

The Resources section is an extensive list of books, some with brief explanations, others with none. Most will be links directly to Amazon.com for anybody interested in seeing fuller reviews, ratings, and comments, and, if sufficiently interested (which I hope), ordering.

The Ground Rules section is a list of the rules, regulations, and other policies that the owner expects all Registered Members to abide by.

The Privacy Policy section describes the site’s privacy policy in full.

The About Me section gives a brief biography of the site’s owner and author.

The About section is what you have just finished reading.

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